Terms of use

This blog is designed to support the English language development of a community of university Science students. The students will be working on their English skills as these relate specifically to their academic studies, and this blog will provide the community with a reflective space to evaluate progress. Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. To create the right environment for this reflection, we will need to follow some basic principles of netiquette. We will:

  • Only use our first name in our writing;
  • Only post pictures of people if we have asked for their permission;
  • Be responsible and sensible in our writing;
  • Be positive and constructive in our comments;
  • Respect other users’ opinions and advice;
  • Post only original works (for all text types and files);
  • Respect intellectual property; and
  • Be responsive and open to opinions and advice.

We hope that you enjoy the conversations on this site!

2 thoughts on “Terms of use

  1. If all of our groupmates do not have any video making skills, would the English department provide some helps or training workshops for us ??

  2. Thanks for the comment: Yes – there will be time spent in class and there is also a resource website that you can consult: http://www1.english.cityu.edu.hk/acadlit/index.php?q=node/10 However, it is important that there is someone in your group who can take responsibility for editing your video – what that means is that, even if you haven’t had prior experience of video-editing (most students probably haven’t), you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn, both in class and out of class.

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