T05 English for Science Documentaries

Here are the documentaries created by T05 this semester (Sem A 2017-18) on two topics: “Music and Concentration” and “Always On or Fast Asleep”. These groups have done a great job creating such fun videos. Feel free to comment on any of them, and keep your comments positive and constructive. 😀

Group 1 – Music and Concentration by Winson, Kelvin, Wilson, Ying and Jason

Group 2 – Music and Concentration by Icy, Tiny, Michael and Tony

Group 3 – Always On or Fast Asleep by Vincent Cheung, Kacie, Eric, Natalie and Vincent Wong

Group 4 – Always On or Fast Asleep by Dave, Jason, Joey, Meliora and Stephen

Group 5 – Music and Concentration by Desmond, Ali, Bernard and Rachel