T09 English for science documentaries

Here are the documentaries created by T09 this semester (Sem B 2016-17) on two topics: “Our brains on multitasking” and “Caffeine and Sports Performance”. These groups have done a good job! Very creative and very fun to watch. Feel free to comment on any of the videos, and keep your comments positive and constructive. 😀

Group 1

Elin, Christelle, Phyllis, Jessica

Group 2

Julien, Odele, Niki

Group 3

Vivien, Rain, Natalie

Group 4

Helen, Karen, Grace


One thought on “T09 English for science documentaries

  1. I’m Sally from T02 and I want to give some comments to T09 Group1. First, the outline of the video is very clear. Section names like “experiment”, “conclusion” are used. Second, the video is smooth and constant. Although there is no subtitle, narration can be heard clearly. Voice of the narration is constant throughout the video and almost no grammatical mistake can be found. The last thing I want to point out is try to shoot more video outside the school campus because It would be more entertaining. Anyway, I think your group did a great job!

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