T06 English for science documentaries

Here are the documentaries created by T06 this semester (Sem B 2016-17) on two topics: “Our brains on multitasking” and “Caffeine and Sports Performance”. These groups have done a good job! Very creative and very fun to watch. Feel free to comment on any of the videos, and keep your comments positive and constructive. 😀

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

2 thoughts on “T06 English for science documentaries

  1. I’m Sally from T02 and I want to give some comments to T06 Group1. First, I really appreciate the way you present what is neuron and neurotransmitter. Simple drawing explains nervous system clearly and precisely. People without previous biological knowledge can also understand. Ability to draw things neatly is an advantage. This way of presentation can attract audience like me. Second, the video is smooth and almost no grammatical mistakes. From that, I can see the effort your group put in the project. The last thing I want to point out is would it be better if you change the bag into a real basket. In the video, you said it is a basket but what I see is a shopping bag. This may increase the difficulty of experiment as a bag is easily affected by wind. Anyway, I like this video and hope your group can keep going.

  2. The video made by Group 1(Ray’s group) is very interesting and useful. It uses common daily scenario to introduce the use of caffeine, which allows audience to recall their experience. It also uses drawing to explain some basic biological concept which is easier for non-science students to understand.
    The final conclusion is very concise without too much biological theory, it also suggests some alternatives to the audience.

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