T02 English for science documentaries

Here are the documentaries created by T02 this semester (Sem B 2016-17) on two topics: “Our brains on multitasking” and “Caffeine and Sports Performance”. These groups have done a good job! Very creative and very fun to watch. Feel free to comment on any of the videos, and keep your comments positive and constructive. 😀

Group 1

Andy, CK, Carla, Scarlett

Group 2

Yuki, Candy, Natalie

Group 3

Dora, Maggie, Wallace

Group 4

Kim, Ruby, Melanie

Group 5

Christy, Martin, Betsy, Johnson

Group 6

Kelvin, Arthur, Michael, Jerry

Group 7

Ricky, Annie, Clary, Sally

One thought on “T02 English for science documentaries

  1. I enjoyed the video so much! The theory part that describing how are brains actually work is easily to understand due to the animation. I appreciate the animation as I think it was made by lots of effort. Besides, I think the background music is nice as it is lively thus engages me in it. Furthermore, the experimental result is presented clearly and the idea come to mind immediately.

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