T02 English for science documentaries

Here are the documentaries created by T02 this semester (Sem B 2016-17) on two topics: “Our brains on multitasking” and “Caffeine and Sports Performance”. These groups have done a good job! Very creative and very fun to watch. Feel free to comment on any of the videos, and keep your comments positive and constructive. 😀

Group 1

Andy, CK, Carla, Scarlett

Group 2

Yuki, Candy, Natalie

Group 3

Dora, Maggie, Wallace

Group 4

Kim, Ruby, Melanie

Group 5

Christy, Martin, Betsy, Johnson

Group 6

Kelvin, Arthur, Michael, Jerry

Group 7

Ricky, Annie, Clary, Sally

4 thoughts on “T02 English for science documentaries

  1. I enjoyed the video so much! The theory part that describing how are brains actually work is easily to understand due to the animation. I appreciate the animation as I think it was made by lots of effort. Besides, I think the background music is nice as it is lively thus engages me in it. Furthermore, the experimental result is presented clearly and the idea come to mind immediately.

  2. I appreciate the use of subscription in the videos in some groups. It makes the video clearer for audience to understand what they are actually doing.

  3. The effects on the video are quite attractive. Also, I highly appreciate the editing skills and techniques of taking photo, the scenes are fluent, those patterns make the video interesting so I am willing to spend my time on watching the video.

  4. The animations are wonderful which explained the theory clearly in Group 6 video. Also, the graphs are nice that used to show the comparison between the experimental results of two groups in Group 7 video.

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