T03 English for Science Documentary

These are the scientific documentaries made by students in T03. In Semester B, 2016/17, our students have worked on two topics: “Our brains on multitasking” and “Caffeine and Sports Performance”. I’d like to take the opportunity here to congratulate our students for their creativity and efforts! Please leave some comments for these video productions. Remember to keep your comments positive and constructive!

Group 1 – Caffeine and Sports Performance by Austin, Isabel, and Stephanie


Group 2 – Our Brains on Multitasking by Kelly, Emily, and Stephanie 


Group 3 – Caffeine and Sports Performance by Derek, Danny, Simon and Alex 


Group 4 – Our Brains on Multitasking by Maggie, Sarah, Karen, and Karen


Group 5 – Our Brains on Multitasking by Astrid, Helen, Jobee

Group 6 – Caffeine and Sports Performance by Joe, Michael, Justin, John Kelly, Angie

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