T05 English for Science Documentaries

These are the scientific documentaries made by students in T05. This semester, we have worked on two topics: “Exercise and mood” and “Chewing gum and concentration”. I’d like to take the opportunity here to congratulate our students for their creativity and efforts! Please leave some comments for our video productions. Remember to keep your comments positive and constructive!

Exercise and Mood by Group 1 – Ken, Poppy Jenny and Kelvin


Chewing Gum and Concentration by Group 2 – Ken, Margret, Cherine and Alice


Exercise and Mood by Group 3 – Angus, Philip, Kenny, and Steven


Chewing Gum and Concentration by Group 4 – Pearl, Kan, Sabrina, Alex, and Michelle


Exercise and Mood by Group 5 – Patrick, Dylon, Carol and Brian


Chewing Gum and Concentration by Group 6 – Leanne, Jove, Charles, and Jason

5 thoughts on “T05 English for Science Documentaries

  1. I like the video made by Group 2 the most. This group has used a creative way to present their introduction, which is drama style. This is much more attractive than reporting the ideas by narrators. Group 2 has paid a lot of effort on this video.

  2. Every video showed their efforts and creativity. I like the video by group 2 the best for their outstanding approach which including their own feelings and insight towards the research. Also their experiment is well designed.

  3. Impressed by G5

    Experiment procedure is clearly illustrated with feedback from volunteers. Very interesting way to show the theory! The ending scene is extremely memorable.

    Multi-window editing is really impressing. Animation is also used.

    The narration is clear with decent pronunciation.

  4. I find the video of group 6 interesting because it uses a number of strategies to attraction of the audience. And the most impressive one is their multimodal strategy. The video has a lot of impressive visuals and their own drawings. For example, the performance of a boy in the result part. Also, the background music is suitable for the video. The only drawback is that the video is a little bit short as it is just 6 minutes. In order to improve the video. I think they can use more original videos for the sake of plagiarism problem.

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