Summer 2016 Section T01English for science Documentaries

  • Our English for science documentaries are now available via YouTube. Congratulations on your efforts. The videos are embedded in this post – please take a look and leave some comments for your classmates. Remember to keep your comments positive and constructive!

Group 1:

Man Lok Fai (Charlie)
Sung Man Yiu (Eric)
Lam Chun Kit(Tom)
Kwok Yuen Ying Venus

Group 2:

Wong Man Sing (Jimmy)
Chen Xinzhuo (Emma)
Liu Jiyuan (Lucy)
Ma Shanqian (Demi)

Group 3:

Jin Jian Ren(Jerry)
Huang Yi Qin(Nathan)
Wong Tsz Kwan(Lia)

Group 4:

Yeung Yu Yan Jonathan Henry
Ip Chun Yin Simon
NG wing yin walter
Wong Yu Chai Hubert